Hoya thomsonii Photo From Yesterday with Page Coming Soon

Before I start, let me say that the Orchid that I shared with you yesterday has a name; it is Laelia anceps and is a hardy native of Mexico.

Hoya thomsonii has caused me considerable anguish over the years.  I received the plant as a cutting from the Liddle Nursery back in 2008, and have had many stops and starts with it in that time.  It is a native of India and has been widely disseminated to China and Thailand.  The plant is named after its co-discoverer  T. Thomson with the other plant hunter named J. D. Hooker.

 I have had peduncles on this plant now for two years running and have been unsuccessful in blooming it. Last year I even had developing buds that unfortunately dried up and fell off.  I still have a very healthy looking plant, and I have some new theories about how to bloom this Hoya that I will share in the new Page on my site devoted to H. thomsonii.

Hoya thomsonii Photo Taken February 3, 2013

Hoya thomsonii Photo Taken February 3, 2013

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